Secret Garden is the award winning Irish-Norwegian duo performing New Age / Cross-Over Pop and Classical music and that have sold more than 4.5 million albums to date. The duo features Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer and pianist Rolf Lovland. Secret Garden won the Eurovision Song contest in 1995 with the composition "Nocturne" and this event spearheaded the success of their first album "Songs from a Secret Garden". This alone sold a million copies around the world going platinum in Norway and Korea, gold in Ireland, Hong Kong and New Zealand and spending two years in the Billboard New Age charts in 1996 and 1997. Barbara Streisand adapted "Heartstrings" from this album as the song "I've Dreamed of You" on her "A Love Like Ours" album.

The album "White Stones" followed in 1997, also making the top ten on Billboard New Age charts. "Dawn of a New Century" followed in 1999, "Once In a Red Moon" in 2002, "Earthsongs" in 2005.

Their most famous song "You Raise Me Up" has been recorded by more than a hundred other artists including Josh Groban, Westlife, Il Divo, Jonny Logan, Brian Kennedy, Russel Watson, Becky Taylor & Celtic Woman.

In 2007 Secret Garden released "Inside I'm Singing". Some favorite melodies got lyrics and great singers where invited to give their voice and performance to Secret Garden's music. The album went on to become the top selling album in Norway in 2007 resulting in a Quadruple Platinum Trophy. The album had it's international release in 2009.

Secret Garden has also received an award from the Expo bureau in Shanghai for the Expo Suite. The suite was commissioned for the Expo 2010 by Innovation Norway. The Norwegian pavilion used the music throughout the 6-month event and played it nearly 3000 times for over 3 million visitors. Secret Garden 's music was also the main element in the multimedia performance at the same pavilion.

Throughout 2011 Secret Garden worked intensive with their latest album "Winter Poem" with release late fall in Norway. Thereafter came the worldwide release and touring in Norway until spring 2012 presenting the new album.

In 2013 Secret Garden toured in Korea and did some few concerts in Norway simultaneously working on their latest album "Just The Two of Us" that had it's Norwegian release December 27th. The album went straight to the top of the list at Itunes, Wimp and physical sales.

Secret Garden has throughout the years toured extensively in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, Ireland and Norway.