Espen Lind is a singer and composer from Tromsø, Norway, who at the age of 15 got a job in a studio where as payment he could use the studio when it was vacant. In 1993 he brought a demo to Los Angeles to try his luck – unfortunately with no success. Back in his hometown he borrowed money to be able to release the song " Yum Yum Gimme Some " under the artist name Sway. In 1997 his album “Red” with the song " When Susannah Cries " was released and soon Espen experienced releases all over the world. Both the single and the album were huge successes; half a million copies sold of “Red” and the song " When Susannah Cries " on top of dozens of charts worldwide.

In1998, Espen received the award for Best Pop single, Best Song and Artist of The Year at the Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) ceremony. The same happened at Hit Awards: best Norwegian Male Artist, International Male Artist and Artist of The Year. He was proclaimed the largest Norway’s most significant male pop star. Later the same year the album “Red II” was released with a new sound and material.

In 2000 Espen recorded " Where The Lost Ones Go " along with Sissel Kyrkjebø on her CD “All Good Things”.

Espen Lind, together with producer Amund Bjørklund, has written songs for Atomic Kitten, Maria Arredondo and David and Mark Owen (ex Take That). They also wrote the song "Standing Tall” for the final at Norwegian Idol 2004 for the two finalists Kjartan Salvesen and Margaret Berger.  Espen had great success with the quartet “Lind, Fuentes, Holm and Nilsen” colloquially called " The New Guitar Buddies". It was especially their interpretation of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah " that appealed to the audience, and the song won Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian  Grammy )" This Year's Hit 2006”. “Hallelujah Live” became the fastest selling album in Norwegian history with over 100,000 copies sold in just over a week. The album has sold more than 240,000 copies.

Two years later Espen received yet another Spellemannsprisen as: “Artist of the Year”. In recent years, Espen Lind has written and produced for a lot of artists from his base in New York, including Beyonce, Lionel Richie, Train and Ne–Yo.

In 2013 Espen Lind was one of the 4 mentors in the Norwegian version of "The Voice"