Dance With a Stranger launched their career at the Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) In 1988 with the song "Everyone Needs a Friend". This resulted in intense radio play and the song has become a Norwegian pop classic. Their debut album sold more than 125,000 copies and was awarded Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy Award) the following year. Their second album  sold 260,000 copies. The band has released seven - and sold over one million albums. They had " Top 10" chart positions in several countries with songs like “Everyone Needs a Friend”, “The Invisible Man”, “Only Love” and “Lovers in the Night”. They received three further Spellemannspriser (Norwegian Grammy Awards) (including Artist of the Year in 1991) and conducted countless tours, concerts and TV –shows. Then the band took a “time out”.

But it began to tingle again and in 2007 they performed 80 concerts in all over, and for very pleased audiences. The guys ELG, Alnæs, Moe and Jenssen thought it was wonderful to be "on the road" again - playful and coherent as always. The success has since been followed by concerts from Alta in the north to Kristiansand in the south of Norway - from large concert halls to small intimate clubs and at festivals.

Spring 2013 the bass player Yngve Moe passed away in an accident. But the music lives on. The band is assisted by a great bass player, Per Mathiesen. Everyone needs a friend sometimes ......

This year (2014), the band celebrates 30 years on the road with it’s anniversary tour " The Last Dance".

Dance With A Stranger gets its inspiration from blues, jazz, soul, rock and pop. Along with the key board and choir the result is groovy and intense. The response from the press and the public confirms that Dance With a Stranger is something very, very special.